I have tried many and I do mean many things to make extra money in order to try to pay off my debt.  So far non of them have worked.

On line survey sites

I have join A LOT of on line survey sites, my e-mail had 3000 e-mail's right now from then all.  I did make some money from doing surveys, but it is real time consuming and you are working for pennies an hour.  The site I liked the most was mypoints, you read e-mail, take surveys, surf the web and even shop you earn points then cash out for gift cards.  I liked doing this then using the gift cards for Christmas gifts.  I made a blog Paying survey sites for free with all the survey sites I have found liste on it because to many company's charge you for this information and I want to make it available for free.  Take a look at the list it's long although taking surveys are not for me anymore they might be for you.

On line jobs

I have tried to fine a job on line doing stuff at home after I get off my day job, in order to help pay off debt.  And just about everything I came across they wanted to charge me.  I am sorry but if I am working for someone way do I need to pay them, this just don't make good sense to me.  Some of the jobs I found did seem legit I sent in app's took on line test and well I didn't pass so that didn't work out to well for me.  The only way you can find a good job on line is if you know how to design web sites, computer programming, medical transcription, if you are a good writer or if you know a lot about Microsoft excel and Microsoft's other programs.

Blogging to pay off debt

I have also done the blogging thing for awhile now, and well I have had not much luck at it either but here I am again starting another one.  Oh well you know what they say if at first you don't succeed try try try again.  I have seen a lot of stories where people say that they make a living off of blogging I should would like to know how they do it.

Selling stuff on ebay

This is what I am trying now,  I have not been doing it for long so I have not really made any money at it either.  I did sale 3 things last week and I was so excited I about peed on myself lol.  The thing with ebay is that there is a lot of people selling the same thing you are so you want to price it lower than them.  Plus you have to build a seller's reputation, because people buy faster from others that have been doing it for awhile and thats going to be hard for me to do.  But ebay is another thing I have seen a lot of people say that they make a living of if.  Again I wish they would tell me their secret.

Part time job to pay off debt

I have but in a view application's for a second job but have had not calls.  I have been at my job for over 23 years and I just don't think people want to hire someone that has a permanent job because they know they will come second.  Plus If I got a part time job that would take be away from my family and I don't think that would be far to them.  I would never be home to help with the home work cleaning the house plus where would I find the time to pay those bills I am trying to pay off ha ha.

So tell me what have you done or tried to do to make some extra money in order to pay off your credit card debt?


How did I get myself in this mess

I am a real person, with real debt

I want to let it all out here on this blog, this is going to be kind of like a journal for me just to write about my journey on the road to debt.  And the road I will be taking to get out of debt I know its not going to be easy but I also know that where there is a well there is away.

There are a lot of people out there that make up stories to get hand out's and I want to prove that I am a real person just trying to get ahead in this thing we call life.  I do not get help from the government or any other type of agency, I am that middle class gal that just don't qualify for government assistance.  I have a full time job I have been at for over 23 years a husband that works full time also.  I have 2 children and a grandson that live with me.

What credit card debt has done to me

One of the things I am oh so sick of is not being about to buy for my children the things they really need, my 14yr old needs braces she won't even smile because she in embarrassed to show her teeth.  She is such a pretty girl that this breaks my heart and makes me feel like a bad mother.  My other daughter works goes to school plus takes care of her child.  I hate it that she can not go to school full time and not work but I just can not support her and her child right now. 

I am not trying to make people feel sorry for me I know there are way more people that have it way worse than I could ever dream of.  And that's the point I want to help those people.  I am making a promise to myself to you the reader and to God that if and when I get out of this mess I am going to help others in need.

How I got into credit card debt

I got into this mess I would say just like everyone else by using the credit cards to pay for Christmas gifts, Birthdays, Vacations, home improvements, medical expenses that bill that was due and so on.  Then one day its like holy cow what the heck happened all my money is gong to credit card bills.  And you are only paying the minimum payment and so starts the rat race running on that wheel and getting no where.  

Please share with me your adventures of getting into debt and if you are one of the lucky ones that has jumped of the hamster wheel please share your story also.


My goal to be debt free

It is my goal to pay off my credit card debt.  But like so many people I don't know where to start.  So I am starting this blog in the hopes that others will contribute to my goal.  And maybe some can also learn from my mistakes and take the journey with me to become dept free.

How I plan on getting out of debt

I want to be able to get in the position where I can help others, and as long as I keep doing what I am doing I will never get to that point in my life. I am going to search every avenue I can until my goal is reached.  And I am gong to share it all here on this blog if it don't work for me it might work for you.

After my debt is paid off by others helping and of course by me doing my best on my own coming up with my own resources to pay down my dept, in no means do I want a free ride I got myself here and I plan on getting myself in a better place. Then I can help someone else pay off theirs wouldn't that be great.  Lets say if we could find 30.000 people on the web to donate $1.00 or more, my debt would be gone all but my house mortgage that is.  But heck I would not care I would feel like I was a millionaire if all I had to pay was my house payment and utilities.

I am not begging if you want to give please do if you want to follow my journey follow.  I am going to share everything I do, to try to get out of dept even how I got here I am going to let it all out.  I am going to share resources that I come across trying to get out of dept.  Whatever it takes to help me and others.  If you have a story please share.  Maybe we can all help each other.

I don't want this to be a formal blog I want it to be more like a community where everyone has one of two goals to get out of dept or to help others get out of debt.  I have both of these goals but first I have to get out of dept in order to help others. So please take this road to become dept free with me or join in the fight to help people become financially independent lets stop being the victims to banks.