My goal to be debt free

It is my goal to pay off my credit card debt.  But like so many people I don't know where to start.  So I am starting this blog in the hopes that others will contribute to my goal.  And maybe some can also learn from my mistakes and take the journey with me to become dept free.

How I plan on getting out of debt

I want to be able to get in the position where I can help others, and as long as I keep doing what I am doing I will never get to that point in my life. I am going to search every avenue I can until my goal is reached.  And I am gong to share it all here on this blog if it don't work for me it might work for you.

After my debt is paid off by others helping and of course by me doing my best on my own coming up with my own resources to pay down my dept, in no means do I want a free ride I got myself here and I plan on getting myself in a better place. Then I can help someone else pay off theirs wouldn't that be great.  Lets say if we could find 30.000 people on the web to donate $1.00 or more, my debt would be gone all but my house mortgage that is.  But heck I would not care I would feel like I was a millionaire if all I had to pay was my house payment and utilities.

I am not begging if you want to give please do if you want to follow my journey follow.  I am going to share everything I do, to try to get out of dept even how I got here I am going to let it all out.  I am going to share resources that I come across trying to get out of dept.  Whatever it takes to help me and others.  If you have a story please share.  Maybe we can all help each other.

I don't want this to be a formal blog I want it to be more like a community where everyone has one of two goals to get out of dept or to help others get out of debt.  I have both of these goals but first I have to get out of dept in order to help others. So please take this road to become dept free with me or join in the fight to help people become financially independent lets stop being the victims to banks.    

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