So I know there are a lot of sites that tell you how to get out of debt and they are all informative, but with that being said I that every situation if different and what works for me might not work for you.  That's why I would like others to share what they are doing or what they did to get out of debt.  Maybe we can take a piece of advice for a lot of different people about what is working or worked for them and but it together to come up with what will work best for us.

What I plan on doing first to get out of debt

This is not going to sound like much but I owe $160.00 for a loan I got 5yrs ago that I am going to pay off this weekend, the loan was for replacement windows and getting this last payment to them has been real hard for me I am over 30 day's late on it.  They have been surprisingly nice about it and that I am thankful for nothing like dealing with angry collectors.  Paying them off will give me $130.00 extra a month.

Getting caught up on my debt

I can't start paying off my debt until I get caught up on the bills I am behind on,  I am not that far behind so hopefully I will have this none on or around 8/15/12.  Then I am one house payment behind plus I owe the IRS around $400.00.  I will probably pay off the IRS first you don't want to mess with them guys.  Then I will get my mortgage caught up.  After that is all said and done,  I will set done with all my credit card bills and figure out which one I am going to pay off first.

That's my start for paying off debt

Well this is the start of my plan I am really looking forward to getting this ball rolling,  And behind me so that I can start helping others and do something useful with my money instead of giving it all to my creditors.

I also will have another loan paid off 9/15/12 that comes out of my paycheck so that will be around $140.00 extra a month.

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