Cutting back expenses to get out of debt

I want to talk about cutting back expenses, to help people get out of debt and how I feel about it.  Then later I will post things I am willing to cut back on.

Cancelling cable tv or internet service

On all the sites I have read about how to get out of debt they tell you to cancel your cable TV and you internet service.  This is not an option for me and I would think for most people its not.  The reason it's not an option for me to cancel these services it because of the way we live now days you have to have cable tv in order to even watch basic television that's just all there is to it, now maybe cutting back to the basic package could help save money but cancelling it no.

Turning off internet to help have extra money for paying off debt would turn us off from the world, everything is done over the computer now day's.  We pay our bills, have to have email accounts, our children need it for school, if you need anything from any company most of the time they tell you to go to their web  page to find the info. So this is another no go for saving money as far as I am concerned.

Couponing to be debt free

I know there is a lot of money to be saved for debt when it comes to coupon's, my only problem is where do you find these coupon's every site I look at has coupon's for things I don't even use.  Most are not for food and if they are I can buy an off brand and save more money.  I will be looking into this more, because I would love to only spend $30.00 and over $100.00 worth of groceries wouldn't you.  If this is possible it would be a very good way to help pay off some debt.

Riding the bus or carpooling 

I read an article the other day where someone said they paid of there debt by riding the bus, they had to use a lot of gas in oder to save the kind of money riding the bus.

Again this is not something me nor my husband could do, he has to work in a different location everyday, my job is less than 2 miles away.  And I am sure for a lot of people they are not on a bus line or have people to carpool with not only that but if you have children you want a car with you at you job just in case something happens with them and you have to go get them. 

In conclusion all of these suggestions that I have read about saving money to help pay off debt, does not help me trying to do any of these would be like me canceling my car insurance to save some money heck yea it would save me a bunch but as soon as I cancelled it I would end up in an accident and need it or get pulled over and not have it then I would have to pay a big fine.  Don't go an cancel you car insurance just trying to make a point here that in the long run it would hurt us instead of help us.

Tell me something good

So could someone please tell me some for real ways to save money to pay off debt other then the thing's that most people just can not do.  If you know of any please share in the comments.

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